Privacy Policy

BidLead Holdings LLC provides service known as BidLead or We at BidLead respect and recognize the importance of the privacy of your personal information. The Privacy Policy provided here under discusses all the aspects related to collecting your information during your visit to the website of BidLead. However, before visiting the website of BidLead or tendering some personal information to it, you are requested to read this Privacy Policy.

When you use the website of BidLead then it means that you have consented and accepted the terms and conditions discussed in this Privacy Policy. You express your permission to the collection, use, storage and exposure of your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy when you continue to use the website of BidLead. You can discontinue the use of BidLead website anytime if any of these practices is not agreeable to you. You are requested to email us at, if you have some query regarding our Privacy Policy.

Data Collection

You can visit the website of BidLead anytime without purposely disclosing any private information about you. But we can collect and store information about your connection and computer, views of statistics on page, advertisement data, to and from BidLead traffic, standard web log information and IP address as well as information from other companies including navigation and demographic data whenever you visit our website. In fact we need your personal information to some extent to allow you to participate in BidLead actively. You will not remain anonymous once you provide your personal information required by us.

By providing us your personal information you allow us to store and transfer that information on our servers. We will gather information about your first and last name, email address, password and date of birth etc. as per our requirement, when you will register at On the basis of your activities on BidLead we will also collect information about all of your transactions including the information related to the billing and shipping of the products you have purchased from BidLead as well as information of the correspondence sent to us, if any. We will also collect your financial information including the information of your credit card from you as well as supporting information from other parties.

Use of Data

We will collect your personal information with a purpose of providing you an efficient, customized and safe experience. When you sign up with us then it means that you agree that your personal information can be used by us for providing customer support and services required by you, collect fees, resolve disputes, prevent illegal or prevented activities, troubleshoot problems and implement the Terms and Conditions set by You will also allow us to use your personal information for measuring, improving and customizing our services, advertisement and content as well as to inform you about our targeted marketing, services, promotions and updates of the services along with verifying an comparing the accuracy of your information with third parties.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We can disclose your personal information for responding to enforce our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and legal requirements as well as responding to the claims mentions in a list or the content that infringes the rights of other people or protecting the property, safety and rights of someone else. We will follow the applicable regulations and rules while disclosing your personal information. We can also share your information with the parties under contract, to support the operation of our business such as investigations of frauds, collection of debt and even beyond it, with the government and law enforcement officials as per the requirement of law. We can also share information with other business establishments acquiring our business or we are planning to merge with.

However, we will not share your private information on BidLead with some other advertisers. You will be allowed to choose a user name for your account with BidLead, once your registration is approved by us. You can use this user name publicly as it will be displayed all through BidLead. The number of your bids and their worth in dollars will be displayed after the end of the auction at BidLead, if you win it. Some of your personal information including your user name can be displayed for other who may like to use it on their computer after you, if you visit BidLead through a shared or public computer. You will be responsible to ensure the removal of your private information from the shared or public computer you were using.

Access, Appraisal and Modification of Personal Data

You can log in at BidLead any time to access, review and change your entire or most of personal information. But you will have to contact our Customer Service to change some of your information. For the purpose of billing and delivery your information is required to be accurate. In case the information is incorrect or changes occurred in it then you are required to update it promptly.

Closing of Account

When you plan to close your account with BidLead, your personal information will be removed as soon as possible depending upon the laws applicable and your activity on your account. In order to comply with law, collect any pending fees, prevent fraud, troubleshoot problems, resolve disputes, implement out Terms and Conditions, help in investigations and to take action with the permission of the law we can retain private information from the closed accounts.

Use of Cookies at our Website

Some of the so-called cookies’ will be used at BidLead website which may include the retrievable files stored at your computer to help in modify your experience with our online services. The information protected by us can help in making our site more functional, for instance, controlling the frequency of popping up windows or maintaining the record of your personal preferences. You can avoid the saving of our cookies on your hard drive by manipulating the matching settings of your browser. But the functionality of your account will be restricted if you turn off these settings completely.

Security Measures

Your personal information, profile and account with BidLead will be protected with a password. You should keep it in your mind that you are not allowed to share your password with someone else. Your password will never be asked by BidLead through a phone call or email. While leaving BidLead, you should remember to close the window of your internet browser after logging out of your account. If you are using a public PC then it becomes more important. We are not responsible for the misuse of your passwords and login information.

BidLead highly protects your information as it is treated as an asset. In order to protect your information from disclosure and illegal access we use various security measures. But you should not expect that your private communication and personal information will remain private with us as we cannot promise to protect your personal information even after working very hard in their regard.

Protection from Web Crawlers or Spam

BidLead makes it sure that your email address will be used with your permission only for the motives mentioned in our Terms and Conditions. Your email address will not be sold by us to anyone else. We will also try to the best of our potential to stop the recording of your email address by web-spiders’ or web-crawlers’. You can instantly email us at if you suspect that your email address has been recorded in this manner.


In order to protect the privacy of internet user children, BidLead is very responsive. As per the requirements of Online Privacy Protection Act for Children, BidLead never intentionally asks for or collect any identifiable personal information about or from children under 18 years of age. If we find or notice that any such information from a kid has been received by us in violation of this Privacy Policy, we will delete it immediately. You are requested not to provide any identifiable personal information on our sites, if you are less than 18 years of age. You are requested to contact us instantly by clicking on Contact Us or send us an email if you think that any information about or from a child of less than 13 years of age has been provided to BidLead. We will take necessary action to delete that information from our record.

You are also requested to review the privacy policies of the sites accessed by your child through BidLead as the privacy policy for children may differ with each site. BidLead does not own any responsibility of the content or privacy policy of other sites, even if they are co-branded with us.


We can post a new Privacy Policy on BidLead to amend our existing Privacy Policy. The right of changing the Privacy Policy of BidLead, without any intimation to you, is reserved with us. So, every time you visit BidLead you should review its Privacy Policy to know about changes, if any.

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